In order to capture the best film, documentary, movie, YouTube video, marketing video with a drone these cinematic drone flying types should help you.

4K Video

The Mavic 2 Pro allows me to capture stunning 4k footage at 24, 25, and 30fps

Slow Motion

The Mavic 2 Pro allows
2.7k footage to be shot at 48, 50, and 60fps.
1080p at 48, 50, 60, and 120fps. 
​Allowing us to achieve slow motion.

Panorama / 360 Spin

This is a shot where the drone does a 360 rotation around the subject.


This is a shot typically seen in movies.
Where the drone would move like a crane upwards/downwards. 


Flying the drone straight towards the subject 


Circle or oval around the subject while keeping the same altitude 


Starting at the ground tilting upwards revealing the subject 


Tilting the drone camera upwards or downwards 

Tilt – Crane Down

Tilting the drone camera up while lowering the altitude of the drone 

Retreat / Fade Away

Flying the drone back away from the subject until it fades into the background 

Trucking / Tracking

Left to right or right to left movement of the drone 

Fly – by

Fly over and past the subject 

Fly – through

Fly through a house, park, woods, building, etc… 


Follow using the drones active track. works best for vehicles, boats, people, etc… 

Dolly Zoom

Zooming technique that changes your perspective. Giving a vertigo like effect 


This shot is achieved with only the drone flying straight upwards/downwards. 

Pan shot

Keeping the drone in one place while turning the drones position left or right
we can even move the drone forward/backwards while doing this shot to make it even better.

The Different Types Of Drone Photography

Different Drone Photo styles

This blog covers advanced image techniques and panoramas in order to educate photographers on how they can mix up there style. 


This is a photo taken from above the location, event, business, etc..

Beloit, WI


High-Dynamic Range
This type of photography is accomplished when the drone takes multiple photos at once and merges the best features of each photo together

Janesville, WI


Low light photography with reduced noise allowing for a crisp photo close to sunset

Long Exposure

A photography Style that captures the movement of lights, clouds, water, cars, people, etc…

PANORAMA – 360 Sphere

Captures a 360 sphere panorama


Facebook Post

Panorama – 180

180 horizontal photos

Panorama – wide angle horizontal

Multiple images stitched together to make a higher quality image

Panorama – wide angle vertical

Multiple images stitched together to make a higher quality image in a vertical format