The Importance of Drones In The Real Estate Photography Market!

Real Estate Drone Photography
Real Estate Drone Photography

The importance of professional photography for success in real-estate

There is no way to go around it – photography sells real estate! Beautiful, engaging, professional photographs attract potential buyers, exude quality, and virtually guarantee success!

According to recent studies by the National Association of Realtors, homes with professional photographs sell 30% faster. Additional photographs increase your chances as well – a house with one photo spends more than 70 days on the market, while one with at least 10 photos spends less than half of it. Professional quality real estate photographs also raise the perceived value of the property – houses in the $200k-$1million range sold for $7k more, on average than those with lower quality photos.

For these reasons and more, investing in professional real estate photography is a no-brainer!

What sets drone photography apart?

Aerial photography via drone opens up a new and exciting world for real-estate photography. New angles, better views, unique compositions – these are all possible with the help of drone technology. Drone photographs offer humans a radically new perspective on their subject as it allows us to see things and places from angles that are otherwise inaccessible to our own eyesight.

So, by employing professional drone photography in your real-estate marketing efforts you can easily capitalize on this factor of uniqueness. Not only this but you will show potential customers you’re in line with the latest hot technology, you’re invested in always improving your activity and reaching new heights, and ultimately – show that you mean business.

Unique types of real-estate photos that drone photography can deliver

What drone photography delivers today could only be achieved in the past when real-estate agencies or developers hired expensive helicopters. Now, all that great content is more accessible than ever.

First and foremost, through drone photography, you can create and deliver an impressive aerial tour of the property. This gives a holistic overview while still allowing us to focus on areas that are more interesting or beautiful. It will surely delight any potential buyer.

Another option is the classic cardinal stills. This process means dividing the 360 views of the property into 8 equal parts, then taking a still shot from each of the 8 resulting points, the first one is perfectly aligned with the front of the house.

A unique type of presentation that can be done through drones is the inside to outside presentation. In this scenario the drone starts inside the property and is flown in a panning shot, exiting the property and flying away, up in the air. Imagine it as a kind of zooming out on the house, starting with the interior and finishing with an all-encompassing, beautiful shot of the exterior.

Through professional drone photography, you can easily highlight features of the real estate property quite inaccessible otherwise. Does it have a cool, large pool, with a unique shape? No problem! Is the property located near a breath-taking marina or a hot beach you’ve got it! Is the property surrounded by a beautiful pine forest that offers fresh air, comfort, and intimacy – highlight it with ease!

These are just a couple of the exciting options at your disposal when contracting the services of a professional drone real-estate photography company like us. There are many more cool features we can share with you. For that, just send us an email at or give us a call. We’d be happy to cater to your needs with everything from classic promos to unique, customized presentations tailor-made for you!

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