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HHPhotography specializes in Drone Photography in Madison, Wisconsin. Our drones have captured thousands of high-quality images of landscapes, buildings, companies, and places, and we have all the necessary experience to take on your next drone project!


Using drones for photography and video has become increasingly popular across many different industries. From the realtors who can sell their commercial property/house faster with a bird’s-eye view of building, to construction contractors who want to get an accurate view of a new building site, to event photographers who want to create interesting photos and videos of their events and so many others. Madison Drone Photography and video requests have been numerous lately, as many customers want this unique style of photography of their project and there are very few Madison drone photographers and videographers who are both licensed, insured, and experienced enough to work on these types of projects.

Drone Photography and Videography is a great way to get a new view of an event, location, business, etc… Seeing aerial photography that captures something new to the eye is a great way to grab the attention of clients or consumers. It is especially beneficial to have aerial photography taken by a professional drone photographer. In fact, it’s required by law that the drone pilot is licensed if any of the photos/videos are used for commercial work. I bet you didn’t know that adding aerial photography to your website can boost your website’s SEO ranking. Drone photography is also very modern and eye-catching. People will definitely appreciate the fact that you invested in hiring a professional drone photographer to photograph amazing aerial shots for your company or organization.

Check out these resources to know the laws your drone pilot needs to be following

Drone Laws in Wisconsin (2020)

Federal Drone Laws (2020)

Part 107 FAA Summary


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Since the dawn of photography, photographers are restricted by exactly what they truly are capable of. Sometimes, photographers have fought with getting the most essential minutes as friends and family keep getting in the photo. When they were lucky, with some planning, they caught a good photo.

Further along in history, people started to take photos from airplanes and helicopters. Though this tech enhanced the capabilities of just exactly what exactly a photographer managed to accomplish, these certainly were very limiting: nobody would definitely be flying a helicopter 40 feet above a marriage service to catch an image, it might cost way too much and start to become considered a huge safety concern.

Now, though, because of the availability, cost, and simplicity of usage that drones provide, it is now reasonable to fly within a meeting that not long ago was nearly impossible. What exactly does this mean for the ordinary individual? Special events will be documented with the assistance of all drones; videos of festivals, weddings, and so on will contain an increasing number of shots out of the skies since drones continue to grow in popularity. This is the reason the use of professional Madison drone photography has significantly improved only in the past number of years!

Expert drone photography services can help to make your business stick out by offering something appealing and more exceptional. Out of all that HHPhotography offers, ensure that the aerial photography company that you select can fulfill your unique requirements. A good deal of skill is required to be an expert drone photographer. In order to have top-quality, professional drone photography then a professional aerial photographer is required. The pros at HHPhotography are the pros that you want to own your drone and aerial and videography need to be fulfilled.


Armory and Gymnasium (Red Gym), Madison, Wisconsin Drone Photography

In the past couple of decades, the buzz around unmanned aerial technologies, or drones, has now reached new heights. With the new technological advancements recently, drones have just recently become reasonably accessible to a large part of commercial users. With prices hovering over a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars, the majority have been jumping at the chance to pilot a drone of their very own.

Video content may be the wave into the near future and it’s already obvious how hot video is. Video-streaming sees so much traffic thanks to this truth that video is fun and can capture people’s attention, possibly better than text that is written. Drone videography isn’t just supplying a brand fresh view to your business and customers, however, it’s also really interesting.

Breathtaking drone video captivates and keeps clients and customers interested. Aerial videography can be beneficial as it might boost your website’s search engine optimization. This implies more folks in your own internet site which may boost business and establish your brand. Trust the expert drone videography pros at HHPhotography. We work hard to make certain that your company drone production is of the maximum quality.


Wiscosnin, State Capitol Aerial Drone Photography Madison View from Monona Terrace

HHPhotography has several years of experience shooting professional drone video and photography with respect to our clientele. We’ve mastered the craft of shooting persuasive photographs and video for the Madison area customers using our many drones. Drones offer a special view that may enhance and polish your photography or videography project, and we’ve got a team that’ll capture your own drone footage the perfect way and offers your audience using a “summary” of your important project.

Our team may talk you ahead to ascertain your own drone photography or videography requirements. We’ll subsequently arrive for the shoot with the ideal equipment and team members to find the task done, and done well. After the shoot, we professionally examine and then edit your drone pictures to make top-quality, high-resolution video and photography that you will proudly display to your target audience or clients.

Do you have questions about your upcoming drone photo and video project? Great! We’re here to assist you in any way we can. Please feel free to give us a call at 608-313-4495 or email us at

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Beloit’s New ABC Supply Stadium – Drone Photography Updates

abc stadium photos 3
ABC Supply Stadium July 31, 2021

The Riverbend Stadium aka ABC Supply Stadium will feature:

  • Stadium capacity of 3,500
  • 360 open concourse
  • Outfield group areas
  • Children’s playground and inflatable area
  • New surface parking lots

Check back often for regular drone photography updates.

July 31, 2021

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February ‎1, ‎2021
g 0 commercial drone photography beloit wisconsin riverbend stadium 09 1
January ‎6, ‎2021
g 0 commercial drone photography beloit wisconsin riverbend stadium 02 1
‎December ‎20, ‎2020
g 0 commercial drone photography beloit wisconsin stadium 08 1
November ‎29, ‎2020
g 0 commercial drone photography wisconsin beloit Riverside stadium construction 17 1
November ‎12, ‎2020
g 0 construction drone photography commercial beloit Town turner elementary school 10 16 2020 04 1
November ‎6, ‎2020
g 0 construction drone photography commercial beloit riverbend stadium 10 16 2020 08 1
‎October ‎16, ‎2020

October 15, 2020

g 0 construction drone photography Beloit wisconsin Oct 30 2020 10 1
‎October ‎6, ‎2020

August 28, 2020

Construction on the new Riverbend Stadium broke ground in July of 2020.

July 27, 2020

June 28, 2020

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