Top 10 Fail-proof ways to make money with drone photography

Madison Sate Capital Wisconsin Drone Photo

Making money as a new photographer can be a tough challenge. I know because I struggled with making any money for the first year in business.

I have personally made up to 400$ per hour doing drone photography.

Read this blog to learn from my mistakes and make some money for yourself.

Here is the review of the drone I recommend for professional photography – The Mavic 2 Pro


1. Real Estate Photography

Kim Colby Homes 2552 Midway Dr. Stoughton Wisconsin

The Number one place drone photographers go to make some money is the real estate niche.

Realtors and brokers need professionally edited high quality drone photos to drastically increase the chances to sell a house.

I only recommended doing drone photography for middle class, high end. and commercial properties. The lower end houses just don’t need professional drone photos.

One really cool thing about being a drone photographer is you are more then likely going to be the only one at the property. This means you get to work in peace most of the time.

The downfall with real estate photography is most agents only sell low end homes and there is really high competition for the agents that use it. Some of them have a photographer already and some of them took the time to get licensed and do it themselves.

2. Construction Drone Photography

Commercial drone photography Wisconsin Beloit college powerhouse construction

There are construction projects going on all around you all the time. In my own city ther are about 10 projects happening all right now.

Construction projects are great because they are long term and need progress update photos of there projects.

I worked for almost 2 years with the Economic Development for my city. The constantly needed drone shot of the big projects happening around the city.

The really cool thing about these projects is you can test out your skills without being hired. Go to a project (do not park/stand/or land on the property), fly nearby it carefully, take your photos, and upload them to social media. I had a couple of projects where I took photos and got paid afterwards when the company seen the photos I took on social media.

3. Teach people drone photography

keyboard black keys white letters that says teach

One way you can make money is by teaching people how to fly a drone.

You can set up a class and teach a lot of people about what you do or how to do it.

Personal lessons can also make you $100-$200 per hour teaching someone one on one the basics or your tips and tricks.

4. Wedding Photography

Appleton Wisconsin wedding photo on lake

Weddings do hire drone photographers now!!!

They want to capture there event in every way possible and hire drone photographer or videographers all the time.

I was hired to do a video for my very first wedding and offered them some drone video as a bonus.

5. Marketing for businesses

Milwaukee Art Museum Milwaukee Wisconsin drone photo beautiful colorful sky

Businesses are constantly in need of marketing material to promote their business.

Drone photography is perfect for a lot of businesses. You can sell local shops nice drone photos of the downtown or sell bigger businesses photos of their own building.

Get creative and think outside the box.

6. Sell stock photos

Stock photos text over miller park Milwaukee Wisconsin drone photo

Selling your photos on stock photography websites can help bring in some extra money. Stock photos are photos businesses can purchase to use for marketing, ads, blogs, emails, etc…

  • Shutterstock is one of the best stock photography sites out there.
  • Adobe Stock is another great site to sell photos on
  • One of my favorite stock photography websites Pexels

7. PRIVATE INVESTIGATION and servaliance

Private investigators need drone operators to get to places they are not legally aloud to go but a drone can legally go. It also provides a lot more coverage compared to walking a wooded area for example.

Some police and fire rescue companies started using drones to help find criminals, lost people, and injured people. This has saved a ton of lives already. Check to see how you can get in on helping the fire or police department with this kind of work.

8. Tourism and Restaurant Industry

The tourism industry is constantly marketing the businesses to bring in travel.

Try providing hotels, restaurants, golf courses, local museums, historical properties, tourist attractions, and the city’s convention center.

All of these are great places to have drone photos of their properties.

9. selling presets

Lightroom presets are a quick way to edit a certain style or look onto your photos.

You can easily create these presets and sell them on a site like Sellfy

Here are my FREE Lightroom presets

10. STart a youtube Channel or blog

YouTube channels and blogs are a great way to attract more clients, brand deals, sponsorships, and money from advertising.

Review drone products, provide helpful tips, create tutorials, cover new topics in the niche.

Here’s a helpful tip, when you talk about a product make sure you add an affiliate link so people can purchase the products you recommend. This is a great way to make some extra money off of the helpful advice you put out for free.

Here’s My YouTube channel

11. Bonus ideas

  • Agriculture Drone Mapping
  • Insurance claims from storm damage
  • Get an Infrared drone and inspect leaking roofs
  • Aerial surveying
  • News Reporting

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