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It’s a definite thing that you love the iPhone you are holding in your hand, and you would never want to replace it with any other phone. If you are an iPhone user, you must know that iPhone means good camera resolution.

And what does that mean? It means that you can get absolutely stunning photos with your iPhone camera.

Every one of us wants to make his pictures better and eye-catching. But is this even possible without a professional camera?

It surely is! You can’t just take your camera wherever you go.

That is where iPhone’s exceptional camera comes into view.

Clicking the perfect picture with your iPhone is not a tricky task if you know how to.

But relax! We got you covered completely.

Hop down to see skills that you should master today and now:

Shift Your Focus

iphone photography focus on a bus. street photography. creative photography

I know that iPhone has an auto-focus, and it works perfectly fine. But that doesn’t mean that you rely on it completely and forget to create your own focus.

Try experimenting with different objects on the screen.

When you move your iPhone to capture the screen, instead of relying on the auto-focus, try focusing on different objects.

To blur the background, you need to tap on the foreground.

Sometimes, blurring the foreground can also give an amazing effect.

I mean, isn’t that fun?

Go With The Grid

iPhone photography taking a photo of food using the iPhone grid

Let’s suppose that you are a noob and you don’t know how to position objects for capturing pictures. Well, don’t be stressed as we all were noobs someday back.

But what about the problem of placement of objects?

Is your picture coming out as scattered and cluttering?

Turn on the Grids on your phone.

Once you turn on the grids from the settings, you will see lines on your screen.

They can act as a guide for the placement of the objects, and you can even use the rule of the thirds in this mode.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try HDR.

HDR iPhone photo with beautiful sky

What does our immediate reflex do when we see beautiful scenery? We put our hand in our pocket, take out our iPhones, and click away!

That’s what most people do, and even if the pictures look good, they can never compare to the naked eye.

Why? It is because the camera does not capture the intricate detail and depth like our eyes do.

That doesn’t mean that we lose all hope.

Try the HDR mode on your iPhone.

You may have never used it, but now is the right time to try something amazing!

Once you turn on the HDR filter, you will see that each of the objects in the picture is sharpened and in detail.

Nothing can stop you from capturing the view now!

Go Crazy With Burst Mode

iPhone burst mode

Objects being blurry all the time? Is your object constantly moving? We may have a problem here.

Capturing moving objects with the perfect focus is surely a difficult task.

The images come out blurry and out of focus.

It can happen while taking pictures of your pet or kids.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a solution because, yes, we do!

Make the most of your iPhone and use every feature.

The next time you are taking pictures of moving objects, try the Burst mode.

How will that be activated?

Just Place your finger on the capture button and do not release it.

It would result in continuous shots of the objects.

After which, you can select the ones you like the best. Blurry pictures? No more!

Put A Frame On It

cars on highway with city in background

Are your pictures lacking detail and intensity? No matter what position you try, do you always end up having a boring photo?

We may have a solution for that too.

You can just put a frame on it.

It may sound absurd, but it is creative for sure.

You can place objects near the camera and the focused object farther away from the camera. The closer object will act as a frame.

You can use your hand, a leaf, pebbles, or anything you want.

The creativity is up to you!

Play With Filters

Sometimes we like the picture, our focus is great, and the picture has all the intensity we need. But it still doesn’t look right.

Does it?

Try playing with the filters on your iPhone. You will see the icon of overlapping circles on the screen. Click on them and try out filters while capturing photos.

It will fix the colors for you, and you can select the desired filter.

For better contrast, you can always use the “Vivid” filter as it is surely a go-to.

On the other hand, the B&W filter will never fail to amaze you!

Give The Right Exposure

What happens when you are capturing a bright object or an object placed with the bright object?

Your picture gets filled up with unnecessary light and blurry exposure.

Ad trusts me; you do not want that for your photos.

Instead, try readjusting the exposure.

How will you do that?

Next time when you are taking a photo, try tapping on the light object and dragging down the slider beside it.

It will reduce the exposure, and your picture will come out clear and without grains.

Never Miss The Golden Hour

Golden hour iphone photography in the woods

Taking pictures of objects with the sky as a background is never a bad option.

The blue color pops out the object, and the plain view of the sky makes the image soothing and interesting with a minimalistic effect.

But is that method successful at each time of the day? It surely isn’t!

Don’t take pictures when the Sun is at its peak.

Instead, try taking pictures at dawn or just after the Sunsets.

The golden hour produces a magical hue that will make your pictures better a thousand times.

Why don’t you try it today?

Create Your Silhouettes

iPhone photography SILHOUETTE of a man with apple logo in the background

Let’s get a little creative and play with exposure a little more. Shall we?

Select a distant or close object and place it in front of a light source.

Now tap on the lighter part of the picture and drag down the exposure to almost minimum until the object in focus looks like a silhouette.

You will find this technique interesting, and inevitably you will be using it a lot once you get the hang of it.

Move-In Closer

iPhone photography closeup of an iPhone

Surely we have taken pictures focusing on the object from far away. But have you taken a shot will intricate detail and full closeness?

Sometimes we do not admire the things that are in front of our eyes.

Try taking pictures of the objects up close.

It will reveal magical and intricate patterns that will mesmerize the viewer for sure.

Steady Yourself

iPhone photography on a tripod nighttime

Do you know that there are a few things that affect your pictures without you even noticing?

No matter how many techniques you learn, you cannot click the perfect picture if you do not take care of these things. What are these?

First of all, you can never take a good picture with a shaky hand.

Steady yourself and click the pictures calmly.

On the other hand, make sure that your camera is always clean and ready.

You can also use a Tripod to steady your iPhone camera.

Even if you master all of these skills, there is something that determines your success and that is your passion for it.

If you have a passion for photography and you cannot rest until you get a blasting picture, only then will you be able to take unmatched shots with your iPhone.

Go out, explore, and capture!

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