Instagram is the largest social network of photos and videos of the moment. As content producers, we have to know how to make the most of the app’s features. We note below the main tools within Instagram that can be better explored by us, photographers.

Why post photos vertically?

Instagram vertical photos

One of the most important tips on Instagram is whenever possible to post photos vertically and not in square or horizontal mode, so you fill the device’s screen more, improving and valuing your photo in terms of image size and perception of details.

Everyone values vertical photos. The bigger your photo gets on Instagram, the better.

Note below the percentage that each photo fills the screen of a cell phone:

  1. 37% for horizontal photos
  2. 56% for square photos
  3. 70% for vertical photos

Carousel Posts

Tell a story with the photos and post the weddings’ situations in order in the same publication. The client will love to see an entire wedding counted in 5 or 10 photos. Use creativity).

Personal content

Post things from your day-to-day, not only regarding your work. We must not forget that the network is SOCIAL and not COMMERCIAL.

Of course, we are not talking about posting daily about your physical exercises, but occasionally showing something personal brings the client closer to you as a photographer. The client already follows several commercial profiles, all about work and end matters.

Why did the bloggers stand out? They brought informal content to the networks. Today, brands hire these influencers because they create an audience showing more of reality, not overproductions.

In this case, our tip is to keep the identity of your work, composition, treatment, etc., in your personal photos.


Instagram stories

Instagram Stories is an amazing tool for any business. Usually, we are already a wedding photo that can always tell a story. Knowing how to get more out of it can bring great results.

Promotions in Stories

Make lightning promotions in stories. Use 24 hours of the exhibition that the resource has to publicize sweepstakes, dates, and promotions to your customers.


  • Whoever closes the wedding photographic coverage until tomorrow wins the pre-wedding rehearsal!
  • 24h with promotional values ​​in newborn tests!
  • Give tips!

Is your audience made up of brides? Post decoration photos of the last weddings, and if possible, link to the complete work on your website.

Is your audience made up of mothers? Share interesting stories about children, decorating children’s rooms, etc.


Encourage your audience to respond to things of common interest

asked questions like:

  1. When are you getting married? 2021? 2022?
  2. What do you prefer? Photos at sunrise or sunset?

But there is no point in generating engagement and doing nothing with stakeholders. Rodrigo Lana says that later he did the job of sending a private message to each person talking about rehearsals’ discounts for wedding contracts. Whoever responded already showed more interest in the photos he published; he just had to kick the goal giving attention to each one.


One of the main contents that we see today browsing the stories is the backstage of a production. The more real the content, be it photo/video, without tricks, without treatment, the closer the client feels to his work. We love to see how things really are behind those beautiful images of finished work.

  1. Photograph the preparation of a scenario (Making of)
  2. Show the before and after a treatment
  3. Indicate Instagram profiles that inspire you
  4. Post the making of and right after that, the ready photo of that moment.


Instagram engagement

Take the audience of your stories to a photo in your feed and increase your Instagram engagement.

Calling in stories that take your customer to comment or like a photo on your profile is a good idea to increase your likes and comments on photos.

The more comments your photo has, the more it will be organically triggered to more followers.

There is an easier way to share the photo of the feed in the stories; follow the steps below:

  1. Go to a photo you want to disclose and press the “little airplane” icon below the photo.
  2. Select the option “Add publication to your story.”
  3. The photo will then be opened in the stories if you want to add, add text, and post.

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