Snapchat Spotlight Q&A

Snapchat Spotlight Is Paying Big For Creators to Post

Snapchat Spotlight Q&A

What Counteries can Participate?

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  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Do i have to pay taxes?

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In order to be payed by snapchat you will have to fill out a W-9 form (US) or W-8 form (International) if you qualified for payment.

Does it matter how many people I have added to Snapchat?

No, Snapchat Spotlight is separate from the friends you have on Snapchat.

I can not make a public profile

Some creators are not open to that feature yet. I heard having a brand new Snapchat account may impact this feature.

It says my subscribers are less than 5K followers

This is normal after you get more than 5k subscribers it will show the number you have.

Can your friends see what you post?

Yes, they can see them if you add them to the highlight section. They can also see your videos if you come up on their feed in the Spotlight section.

Does location affect the number of views I get?

No, Snapchat spotlight uses an algorithm to distribute your video to users all of let the world. I live in a small city and get lots of views just fine

Does the time of day affect the views you get?

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No, I do not believe so. I have posted all times of the day and have not seen a difference in the number of views. The more consistent and the more you post the higher chances of success you will have.

When I post why does it show 0 views?

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It was rejected

1. It had copyright music

  • Use music from the snapchat licensed music library.
  • Use music you created.
  • Use your own voice.

2. It was copyrighted content

  • Only post original content you created.
  • Don’t download and reupload content someone else created.

3. It had a watermark like the one on saved TikTok videos.

When you upload content to another platform like TikTok they put a watermark logo on the video when you download it to help prevent theft and content being uploaded to another platform. Snapchat uses an algorithm to reject videos that have a watermark like this.

4. It wasn’t in vertical format.

Horizontal videos that you commonly see on YouTube do not take up enough of the phone screen for snapchat to allow them on the Spotlight feed.

5. It was not a video.

Snapchat Spotlight will not allow photos to go on the spotlight feed. They only allow videos at this time.

6. You added a link

Do not use attachments or URLs on Snapchat Spotlight Submissions.

The algorithm just didn’t distribute it

Sometimes the algorithm will accidentally reject your video for no reason at all. Do not worry and just try to upload it again at a later time.

It was recently posted

When you first post to Snapchat Spotlight it goes through a review process. The review process can take up to a few hours before they decide if the video will go “live” or “not rejected”

How do you repurpose TikTok’s to Snapchat?

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Option one, you save the TikTok using the Live Photo feature (This does not save audio)

  • Crop the Live Photo to remove the watermark
  • Save as a video
  • Upload from camera roll onto Snapchat
  • Add hashtags
  • Then post

Option two, Record your video in snapchat

Record your video in snapchat and save the video when you post. Then reupload to TikTok afterwards.

Option Three, Record your video outside of the apps

This option will give you the highest quality. Record your videos on either a camera or your phones camera app. Then, edit and upload your video to Snapchat and Tiktok Separately.

Option Four, Savetok app (with audio)

SaveTok, an app created to specifically to save your videos with audio from TikTok without the watermark.




What hashtags are the best for Snapchat Spotlight?

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The best hashtags are whatever is related to your video. Hashtags are a way to categorize your video into topics. If you want to search for something hashtags are an easy way to find it. If you’re using hashtags not related to your video you are going to get categorized by the algorithm in the wrong way. I recommend using no more then 5 hashtags to describe your video.

Can you get paid from posting?

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Yes, Snapchat pledged to pay creators a total of 1M per day. The process currently has these steps.

  1. Post video
  2. Your video has to “go viral” in the first 7 days
  3. You will only get paid for a 24 hour period within those 7 days.
  4. If your video qualifies, you get a message from Team Snapchat on Snapchat. The message will read: “Your Spotlight submission popular, and you may have earned money if you qualify! Please update your email and birthday in Settings now so we can contact you. If we have already updated your email or earned a previous payout, please make sure your info is correct!” This will take about 2-4 weeks after your video “went viral”
  5. Next, you will get a message in about 3-5 weeks saying: “Your Spotlight submission may have made you eligible for cash! Pending final checks, you may have earned $XXX.xx from your submission(s) that ran from Month Day, Year – Month Day, Year. If this is your first time earning, you will receive an email with instructions within 3 weeks from our payout partner, Hyperwallet. If you have previously earned cash, this will be added to your payout available at the link in the email. You must be 16 or over to receive payment. If you’re a minor in your jurisdiction, you must have your parent or legal guardian claim any earnings on your behalf. Please use the following Email and Access Code when signing up via the emailed link from Hyperwallet: Email: Access Code: xxxxxx Please keep your Access Code and emailed link safe, as this information will be used to claim your earnings. Do not reply to this message”
  6. Wait for your email and get paid!!!

How will i be able to withdraw my payment?

Either with your bank account or a PayPal account.

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