How to make the lighting in your room better for video!

This is exactly how I light my room for making a video.

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Turn off the main room light

Room lights are on your ceiling shining down. These lights do not look very good on camera for filming a video. Start by turning them off, and have your camera on so you can see what it looks like when you turn on your other lights.

Main Filming light

Turn on your main filming light at about a 45 degree angle from your face. This light should be the brightest. I use this ring light as my main video light.

Fill Light

The fill light is to fill in the shadows on the other side of your face. This will give your face a nice even light for the video. The light should be placed on the other side of the main filming light at a 45 degree angle pointing towards you.

Front Facing light

A front facing light is not needed. I do like to use it to brighten up my face a bit more though.

The front facing light should be right next to you camera and angled down at your face. I place my front facing light slightly above the camera’s height.

The front facing light and the fill light I use are video lights.

71B9rxvwp3S AC SL1500
GVM 2 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits

LED Lights

led lights are a great way to have many different colors and brightness on the walls, ceilings, and shelves in the background of your room.

I don’t have a brand in particular to recommend. I do suggest to only buy one brand and make sure you buy enough to do the area you plan on installing them. If you buy more then one brand they might not have the same colors or hook up right.

RGB Light bars

These portable, waterproof, rechargeable, light bars are so convenient to use. I own three of them and use them daily. They last hours and don’t take to long to charge. I set them with contrasting colors to my LED light strips and it gives a lot more character to my background.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

One piece of lighting I didn’t mention in the video was this salt lamp. It adds a nice warm tone to the background and is really affordable. The downside is it has only one color.

Exposeure on the Camera

Lastly, the camera I use to film allows me o adjust the exposure while in use. I set the exposure about 3 stops lower then what the camera is naturally set at. This makes my background darker and my face nicely lit.

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